Chilhowee Veterinary Clinic

821 Montvale Road
Maryville, TN 37803


Dr. Michele Halstead

Dear friends and loyal customers of Chilhowee Veterinary Clinic Inc.,

I’d like to personally thank everyone for letting us care for your pets over the years.  We rarely get a chance to address everyone at once like this, so I thought I’d express that first.  I’d also like to inform you of some sad news that has placed us in a transition period that might inconvenience you in some way. 

A few weeks ago we were informed that Dr Michele Halstead was diagnosed with early stage pancreatic cancer.  She is doing fine and is currently in the midst of planning chemo therapy, radiation, and surgery.  She is in good spirits and is going to fight this with all she has.  If you know Dr Michele, you would expect nothing less.  Unfortunately, as expected, she had to step away from the profession she loves for a while.  Our thoughts and prayers are with Dr Michele, and we chat, text, and check on her daily. 

We miss her in many ways and I would like to assure you that we are working feverishly to find a veterinarian to pick up the slack while she is out.  This is a long process and could take 3-8 months to find a person who will fit in the Chilhowee family.  In the meantime, we have filled in the open spots where we could with qualified “relief” veterinarians, but because of the abruptness of the news, some of the days in this first month have been hard to fill.  This means we will be working one doctor short some of those days.  Our support staff is awesome and have been doing a great job propping us up and assisting, however we do not want to lower our quality of care to fit everyone in.  We simply ask for your continued patience during this transition. 

If you wish to send Dr Michele a note of encouragement, please send it to the clinic and we will get it to her.  You may see her here working a few hours as she feels up to it as she is trying to keep her life as normal as she can.  This time will be limited and mostly for routine issues.  We think of this as therapy for her as she has a difficult time sitting still.

I so appreciate you all and I am confident we will make it through this transition just fine.  Thank you for your patience and understanding and don’t hesitate to call with any concerns with your pets, they are still our priority.  We also ask that you keep Dr Michele in your thoughts and prayers.

Sincerely and respectfully,

Mark E Steeley, DVM